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Making the Toast and Tea: Going Mobile with pyramid_jqm 2014-02-17
By tseaver

Slides from my talk at the 2011 Plone Conference are now online.

PyTn 2014 Pyramid Tutorial 2014-02-17
By tseaver

I'm giving a 2-hour Pyramid tutorial at the first PyTennessee conference this weekend.

Lightweight Web Services with Pyramid (PyConCA 2012 Slides) 2012-11-10
By tseaver

Slides from my presentation are now online.

Moonshining: Making WSGI for Fun and Profit 2010-04-26
By tseaver

We will be presenting a full-day tutorial on WSGI at the Plone Symposium East at Penn State on May 26th. You can register via PayPal at the bottom of the page: hope to see you there!

Gardening the ZTK presence in Launchpad 2010-04-15
By tseaver

I wanted to let the zope-dev community know a bit about what Christian Theune and I have been doing this week. We have done a fair bit of tidying for the ZTK projects on Launchpad:

Unit Testing Redux 2009-08-02
By tseaver

Following up to an earlier post on effective unit testing: most people are trying too hard.

They Call it Stormy Monday, but Tuesday's Just as Bad 2009-06-18
By tseaver

I just uploaded a tutorial on using Storm with BFG to the BFG tutorial bin. The application is traversal-based, and uses the storm.zope-based transaction integration, in combination with repoze.tm2, to make for a very pleasing little CRUD app.

Announcing: Zope 4.0 project 2009-04-01
By tseaver

On behalf of the Zope community, I am pleased to announce the creation of the "Zope 4.0" project. After extensive discussion with the Zope wizards in conclave at PyCon 2009, the new project's website has been launched!

Categorizing Packages: Clarifying Terms 2009-03-15
By tseaver

Some of the friction which comes up on the zope-dev list, apparently due to different goals, might in fact be due to some confusion in the terms we use to talk about our goals, and about the shared software we manage toward those goals. In the interests of reducing the friction, I would like to sketch out how I am using those terms.

Kevin Teague: I want a pony: Django Cheeseshop 2008-09-16
By tseaver

A well-written open letter to the Django development community on the practices which make a setuptools-based development process go more smoothly than the historical experience which soured that community on the idea.

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