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2009 Entries

Blog Link  Announcing: Zope 4.0 project
On behalf of the Zope community, I am pleased to announce the creation of the "Zope 4.0" project. After extensive discussion with the Zope wizards in conclave at PyCon 2009, the new project's website has been launched!

Blog Entry  Categorizing Packages: Clarifying Terms
Some of the friction which comes up on the zope-dev list, apparently due to different goals, might in fact be due to some confusion in the terms we use to talk about our goals, and about the shared software we manage toward those goals. In the interests of reducing the friction, I would like to sketch out how I am using those terms.

Blog Link  They Call it Stormy Monday, but Tuesday's Just as Bad
I just uploaded a tutorial on using Storm with BFG to the BFG tutorial bin. The application is traversal-based, and uses the storm.zope-based transaction integration, in combination with repoze.tm2, to make for a very pleasing little CRUD app.

Blog Entry  Unit Testing Redux
Following up to an earlier post on effective unit testing: most people are trying too hard.