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2008 Entries

Blog Link  Kevin Teague: I want a pony: Django Cheeseshop
A well-written open letter to the Django development community on the practices which make a setuptools-based development process go more smoothly than the historical experience which soured that community on the idea.

Blog Link  Mark Ramm @ DjangoCon 2008: A TurboGears guy on what Django could learn from Zope
A really nicely-done presentation analyzing the costs and tradeoffs of the "monolithic" development culture of Zope2, and recommendations for avoiding the pitfalls.

Blog Entry  Post DZUG 2008 Sprint Report
Notes on work done and proposed during the sprint, 12 - 14 September 2008.

Blog Entry  Adding Console Scripts to a Plone Buildout
In a straight 'setupttools'-based application, adding one or more console scripts is straightforward: you just declare them in the '', and set setuptools build them for you. However, when using 'zc.buildout' for Plone 3.0.x or 3.1.x, you have to arrange to get the non-eggified Zope2 products on the path, which is not easy. This recipe works for me.

Blog Entry  More on repoze.urispace
I blogged yesterday about the fact that I had docs online for the repoze.urispace package, but didn't do much to motivate readers' interest: repoze.urispace should be interesting if you have an application which needs policies which vary based on "where" in the site the request is addressed. Examples might include: fine- grained security, theme selection, caching policies, etc.

Blog Link  Docs online for new repoze.urispace package
I have uploaded Sphinxified documentation for repoze.urispace, a library package which implements most of the W3C URISpace spec for use in WSGI middleware. I'm planning to use it to select themes and rulesets for Deliverance based on the URI; other uses might include setting caching headers, or doing some flavor of "declarative security" in middleware.

Blog Entry  Avoiding Temptation: Notes on using 'unittest' effectively
Notes on getting the most mileage out of tests written with the Python unittest module

Blog Entry  Ten Years of Python Web Programming
Looking back at ten years of programming web applications with Python, and musings on what lies ahead.

Blog Link  Products.plone_gs 0.1 Released
I just uploaded version 0.1 of a new product to the Cheeseshop. It provides partial GenericSetup support for the tools present in a Plone 2.5.x site. I will be tracking issues against the product at

Blog Entry  My Two Cents
I'd like to thank the Plone Summit organizers for inviting me to the summit, even though I decided not to go (I just got back from a week in Japan, and **boy** are my arms tired).

Blog Entry  zc.buildout vs. "plain" setuptools
A brief proposal on how and when one might prefer to use "standard" setuptools features, rather than relying on zc.bulidout.