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2006 Blog Entries

Blog Entry  New Tools for Testing Web Applications with Python
Slides for my talk today at PyCon 2006.

Blog Entry  CMF 2.0 Release Update
I'd like to review the current status of a number of the CMF 2.0 roadmap items, and ask for feedback from the community on how they fit into a near-term release of a beta for CMF 2.0. In fact, I would like to release an alpha this weekend, followed by a more-or-less feature complete beta by the end of the month.

Blog Entry  PyCon 2006 Sprint, Day 1
Notes and whiteboard from the first day.

Blog Link  Cheese Shop: xlrd 0.5.2
Library for developers to extract data from M$ Excel(tm) spreadsheet files.

Blog Link  Universal Encoding Detector
Stumped as to the encoding used in a given file or bit of string data? Mark Pilgrim strikes again with a Python library "as smart as your browser." The result includes *confidence*, which is a big win in my eyes.

Blog Link  KNotes: Collaboarative Knowledget Development
Built atop Plone / CMF / Zope, Knotes adds an RDBMS-backed discussion and blogging engine.

Blog Entry  Eggifying Zope
Building on Nathan Yergler's work from PyCon, I have just finished a big pile of eggs for both ZopeX3.0.0 and Zope 3.2.0.

Blog Entry  Egg on My Face
I mused yesterday that I needed to create eggs for the various ZODB-related packages: I was wrong.

Blog Entry  Extracting Zope Eggs: A Parable
A haunting tale of "guts on the table."

Blog Entry  CMFFolderExport 0.1 Available
The product is a simple add-on for CMF 2.0, exposing views for exporting / importing folderish content as tarballs.