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WSGI River Take My Mind

Dont let [Zope's] memories torture me....

Created by tseaver. Last modified 2005-07-20 17:31:27.

The Python Web-SIG is full of talk of the Web Services Gateway Interface (WSGI) spec (PEP 333).

Chris McDonough is working out why he should care about WSGI and for the most part, I think he is right: we need to find a way to increase the amount of shared infrastructure, not only within the various Zope-based projects, but with the other Python web applications / frameworks.

As an experiment, I am working on a "global" version of the PluggableAuthenticationUtility from '': rather than schema-based configuration, for the TTW version, the "global" PAU will be configured completely via ZCML.

In order to increase the possibility that this component would be useful outside Zope itself, I am going to remove all dependencies on (zope.interface and zope.component are the minimum I hope to get away with).