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2005 Blog Entries

Blog Entry  Silva Moves to Z3 I18N
Martijn Faassen details his choice to drop PlacelessTranslationService in favor of the Zope3 I18N support made available via Five.

Blog Entry  Frostbite 0.4 Released
In response to a couple of issues reported by Suresh Vaidyan, I have released version 0.4 of the Frostbite ("skin freezer") product.

Blog Entry  Kudos to Chris McDonough, as well!
Chris has been steadily at work this week on finishing his Basket product, which makes it possible to distribute Zope add-ons using Phillip Eby's "eggs".

Blog Entry  Conflicting Interests
The Sony rootkit story brings to light interesting ethical questions.

Blog Entry  Kudos to Florent Guillaume!
His work to bridge back the Zope3 event model to Zope2 is an amazing feat.

Blog Entry  Goldegg / CMF 2.0 Sprint Wrap-up
The sprint at Schloss Goldegg was amazingly productive, and unlike some sprints, seems to have generated momentum for work beyond the tasks accomplished at the sprint.

Blog Entry  Dumping and Reloading CMF Content
A proposal for an architecture supporting dump and reload of content in a CMF site.

Blog Link  Frostbite 0.2 Released
After previewing it at my talk today, I am releasing the Frostbite skin freezer product today.

Blog Link  Plone Conference 2005 Keynote: CMF 2.0 Roadmap
I presented the CMF 2.0 roadmap as my keynote for the Plone Conference 2005 today, and have uploaded the slides to the conference site.

Blog Entry  ECMS: O/R vs. ZODB
Gary Poster's response to Florent Guillaume's assertion that ECMS must use O/R mapping rang pretty true for me today.

Blog Link  "Filthy English Pigdog" Login
ROFL. Lennart Regebro has released KniggetChallenge 1.1: "[Its] chief functionality is being an example of how to write a challenge plugin... and insulting people... Its two functionalities are examplyfying and insulting... and preventing a fallback to a BasicHTTPRequest challenge.... Its three functionalities are examplifying, insulting, and fallback prevention..."

Blog Entry  unittest and NIH
Phillip Eby defends unittest from the recent sniping it has undergone in the Python blogosphere

Blog Entry  WSGI River Take My Mind
Dont let [Zope's] memories torture me....

Blog Entry  Gumbo Bound
Chris McDonough and I leave at Oh-dark-thirty tomorrow for the Big Easy and the Plone Symposium.

Blog Entry  Bippity, Boppity, Boo! (On moving CMF to Z3 Interfaces)
I spent some time today working on a branch for converting CMF to use Zope3-style interfaces, rather than the ones defined by Zope2.

Blog Link  Zopecast #1 Available
Chris McDonough has released the first of what he hopes will be a series of Zope-centric "podcast" audio shows. He and I do a "current Zope news" segment at the start; the last half is a cool interview with Phillip von Weitershausen.

Blog Link  RDF-based CMF Relation Tool
Mike Pelletier has made RDF-based indexing work for CMF 1.5! He is talking about rolling into CMF core.

Blog Link  RFC: CMF 2.0 Roadmap
Please follow up on the wiki, or the CMF list.

Blog Entry  Doodling with JSR-170
This specification, also called "Content Repository for Java(TM) technology API", is somewhat painful to work with from within the Zope and Python world.

Blog Entry  CMF Bug Day, 2005/07/07
We had a very productive day today!

Blog Link  Photo at EuroPython 2005
MrTopf has a nice set of photos from the conference up at Flickr.

Blog Entry  Pipelines 0.1 Released
This is the initial release of the 'pipelines' package Ivo van der Wijk and I developed during last week's Zope3 ECM sprint.

Blog Link  PyDO2 Alpha Release
PyDO 2 is a rewrite of PyDO, an Object-Relational Mapping framework for Python. PyDO's basic strategy is to let you define a PyDO subclass for every table in a database that you wish to represent. Each PyDO instance contains the data for one row in a database table.

Blog Link  Zope Content Management Futures
Slides for my keynote talk at the EuroPython 2005 Zope Track are now online.

Blog Entry  Fredericksburg ZPUG Kickoff
I presented a talk on Zelenium last night to the inaugural meeting of the Fredericksburg ZPUG. There were about 10 folks there, including a bunch of my friends from ZC.

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