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Using Zope 2.7.0 and CMF 1.4.2 in OpenPKG 2.0

I recently repackaged Zope for OpenPKG, upgrading it to version 2.7.0. I also packaged CMF, version 1.4.2. Here is how you can install them (note that Python 2.3.3 is a prereq, with make, binutils, and gcc as the "transitive" prereqs).

Created by tseaver. Last modified 2005-05-16 21:13:50.

Installing Zope 2.7.0 in an OpenPKG Instance

  1. Fetch and build the OpenPKG Zope source RPM:

    # su - cw $ /opt/cw/bin/openpkg rpm --rebuild \

  2. Install the Zope binary pacakge as root (some ownership changes are required for the data and log directories):

    # /opt/cw/bin/openpkg rpm -Uvh \ /opt/cw/RPM/PKG/zope-2.7.0-20040314.ix86-rhl9-ocw.rpm

  3. Edit the config file, and enable listening on all ports, plus other changes as appropriate:

    $ vi /opt/cw/etc/zope/zope.conf

  4. Finally, start the server from a shell belonging to OpenPKG's "restricted" user:

    # su -c "/opt/cw/etc/rc zope start" cw-r

Installing CMF 1.4.2

Once Zope is up and running, you should be able to install CMF with no problem.

  1. Fetch, build, and install the OpenPKG CMF source RPM:

    $ /opt/cw/bin/openpkg rpm --rebuild \ $ /opt/cw/bin/openpkg rpm -Uvh \ /opt/cw/RPM/PKG/zope-cmf-1.4.2-20040315.ix86-rhl9-ocw.rpm

  2. Restart Zope:

    # su -c "/opt/cw/etc/rc zope restart" cw-r


Notes on the Packaging

Because OpenPKG allows creating multiple OpenPKG installations on a single machine, with each one a self-contained world, I don't try to make multiple instance homes work; instead, if you need multiple Zope instances, just create multiple OpenPKG installations!