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Entries from 2004

Blog Link  Cringely: Between an Xbox and a Hard Place
I love Cringely's analyis of Sun's dilemma: "What are they to do? Their current strategy of selling processing power by the cycle is like a new car dealer renting back seats of cars on the lot to teenagers looking for a place to make out."

Blog Entry  Phillip Eby: Python Is Not Java
Phillip chats about the problems for which Java programmers naturally turn to XML, and Python programmers to .... Python.

Blog Link  DRDB Network RAID
Designed to work with Ultramonkey in a HA cluster, DRDB is a cheaper, less featureful cousin of RedHat's GFS.

Blog Entry  60,000 Lines of Javascript!!
Harry Fuecks blogs about an interesting survey...

Blog Link  Generating python module dependency graphs
I want it for Zope!

Blog Entry  AMK's Journal: Python Archives
Amen, brother!

Blog Link  Authprogs: Remote sysadmin over SSH
Memory jogger. See also:

Blog Link  LWN: Oracle patents content management systems
I guess this means Zope Corp. needs to shut down, then. ;( Bloody stupid patents!

Blog Link  Life Assessment Quiz
An interesting checklist; I might not agree with all of them, and might add some additional ones, but it makes a good starting point. Via

Blog Entry  Only in Nashville
I was laying over in the Nashville airport on my way to Austin this evening, ...

Blog Entry  Techno-curmudgeonry ([dive into mark])
I knew Mark Pilgrim was a really smart guy...

Blog Link  Lazarus Project: Cross-platform Delphi
I made a pretty good living for several years as a Delphi guru; if I had to go back to GUI-programming hell, I would want to use Delphi, or something damned close. Lazarus looks like it might fit the bill (but they need lots of help on their website!) Lazarus is the foundational tool for the newly-released CBTracker, an open-source checkbook manager.

Blog Link  I, Cringely: A Lose-Lose Situation
Cringley writes of the mess created by a foolish fixed-price contract between EDS and the Department of the Navy. Althought I have never been involved in anything that huge, I know the pain which a bad fixed-price engagement brings.

Blog Entry  Using Zope 2.7.0 and CMF 1.4.2 in OpenPKG 2.0
I recently repackaged Zope for OpenPKG, upgrading it to version 2.7.0. I also packaged CMF, version 1.4.2. Here is how you can install them (note that Python 2.3.3 is a prereq, with make, binutils, and gcc as the "transitive" prereqs).

Blog Link  Helene - A syntax highlighting text editor in javascript
Wow! I can imagine lots of uses for this: editing XML-based content, for instance, as well as other "structured" text content.