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Event  EuroPython 2005

Event  ECMS Sprint
Paul Everitt is planning to offer a two-day, hands-on workshop for doing "Model-driven UIs for Ajax" and "Model- driven UIs for Content Delivery". The former is browser-side XML/ XSLT, the latter is mod_python/lxml XML/XSLT. It will certainly be hands-on, tutorial style, with examples written beforehand.

Event  Plone Symposium, New Orleans 2005
Learn about design, development and deployment techniques in the heart of the French Quarter. Using Plone or Zope in a production environment? The Plone Symposium is the must-attend event of the year.<br /> Almost two years have passed since the first Plone Conference in New Orleans. Developers have been deploying Plone for many different industries, vertical applications, and large public websites. The Plone Symposium is a formal organization of the leading minds in the Zope/Plone communities to share their experiences and pass on the information to the participants of the conference. After the success of the first and second Plone conferences; the Plone Symposium offers a regional opportunity to learn first hand from the instructors and developers with vast experience.

Event  Plone Conference, Vienna, 2005

Event  Inaugural Fredericksburg ZPUG Meeting
Please join FXBG-area Zope and Python users June 8, 7:30-9:00 PM, for the inaugural meeting of the Fredericksburg, VA Zope and Python User Group ("ZPUG"). I will be presenting a talk on browser-based testing with Zelenium. Further meetings are planned for the second Wednesday of every month.

Event  Goldegg "Red-Zone" Sprint
A sprint in Fredericksburg to finish remaining tasks for the "Goldegg - Phase 1" Project